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Flow formula expression is invalid: Syntax error. Found ')'

Formulas quickly become a sea of parenthesis. It really helps to indent formulas like you would with code, especially when it comes to issues of mismatched parenthesis. So instead of IF ( {!...
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The datediff function requires 3 argument(s)

I think you have a misplaced closing parenthesis If you break out your NOT IN statement, it looks like: SELECT Id FROM nihrm__Booking__c_Salesforce WHERE Date > dateadd( day, datediff( ...
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Method does not exist or incorrect signature: void keyset() from the type Id

If opp is of type ID (a singleton) WHERE Opportunity__c = :opp If opp is a collection (list or set) of Id WHERE Opportunity__c IN :opp If opp is a map defined as Map<Id,someType> WHERE ...
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