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The Analytics SDK proved useful, in the end I wrote a class with a method that takes the developername of the data set and the dataset API column names of the salesforce record ID and the NetSuite field. Here is an example with the Contact object. public void syncContactsWithNetSuite(String datasetName, String contactIdColumn, String netsuiteColumn) { // ...


Try this: case when previous('fieldnameofthiscomputedfield') is null then current('weeklymeasure') else (current('weeklymeasure') + previous('fieldnameofthiscomputedfield')) end


EA only generates these values for Dates loaded into a dataset: Einstein Analytics Dates To achieve someting similar, you can use the toString()-function: q = foreach q generate toString(newDate, "yyyy") as newDate_Year;


You'd have to create a second subquery such as: q2 = group q by Group2; q2 = foreach q2 generate "subtotals" as Group1, Group2, count() as A, sum(DataXY) as B; Afterwards union your 2 queries together. result = union q, q2;

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