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apex:component rendered using apex:dynamicComponent - how to call controller method?

Not sure if this will help, but here's the code I just used in my sandbox trying to replicate your issue, and it actually worked as expected. Try it out, see if it will work on your end. This should ...
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List view button without standard controller

No. The best you can do is move the core markup you want to not duplicate into a Visualforce Component instead. You need one top level Visualforce Page for each object you wish to support, end of ...
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"Unsupported attribute ..." error when deploying VF Email template with ANT

Salesforce released workaround is to split the deployment into two: First deployment contains Apex classes and Visualforce pages Second deployment contains the Visualforce components As mentioned ...
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How to call java script function from dynamic component in apex

The value you are providing to oncomplete is not an expression, but a static value. So you should avoid using expressions property of commandButton and instead provide the oncomplete value directly to ...
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