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This is more a suggestion of what to check than an answer but is a bit long for a comment. Referring to List of setup objects in Salesforce, Territory2 is a setup object so the error message would suggest that you are updating Territory2 before you update ZTS_EU_Territory__c. I assume getStdTerritoryRecordList does not update Territory2? Also check that ...


You have some assumptions here that you can work around. The problem is, I can't use DML because it's firing from a Trigger, I can't return this field since it's a @future method and must be void and I also can't access to or Trigger.newMap (they are null on the future method) The future method can in fact perform DML. The future method is ...


Yes. Every insert DML operation that you successfully perform populates the Id field of the inserted sObject.


The error itself is pretty straightforward. If your record has an Id already, then it cannot be inserted. Inserting a record is what gives it an Id in the first place. So trying to insert a record that already has an Id is not a valid operation. Test.loadData() itself doesn't cause records to be inserted, so that means the static resource you're passing into ...


You would need to assign the value to the relationship object, not the Id/lookup object. This is __r rather than __c: newleadAcc.Lead__r = newlead;


Your trigger is not at fault here. In fact, at a quick read, it appears that your trigger is correctly and effectively bulkified. However, you note in a comment that there are quite a few other automations on both [Contact and Campaign Member]. This suggests that the fault lies not with this trigger per se but with the totality of automation on either or ...

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