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The Developer Console is an integrated development environment with a collection of tools you can use to create, debug, and test applications in your Salesforce organization.

The Developer Console can help with many of your development tasks:

Debugging and Troubleshooting

The Developer Console provides a convenient set of tools for efficiently tracking down logical issues.

  • View Logs
  • Set and View Checkpoints in Apex Code

Editing and Navigating Source Code

The Developer Console allows you to browse, open, edit and create source code files.

  • Browse Packages in Your Organization
  • View and Edit Apex Classes and Triggers
  • View and Edit Visualforce Pages and Components
  • Use the Source Code Editor.

Testing and Validating Performance

The Developer Console has a number of features dedicated to testing code and analyzing performance.

  • Test Apex Code
  • Inspect Logs for Performance Issues

Executing SOQL and SOSL Queries

The Developer Console provides a simple interface for managing SOQL and SOSL queries.

  • Edit and Execute SOQL and SOSL Queries
  • View Query Results

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