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Do deployments affect end users? (performance)

In Summer '18 we enforced "Compile on deploy" for all production orgs. This is explicitly designed to prevent impacts to end users when new Apex code is deployed. Previously, the first users ...
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Illuminated cloud cannot resolve symbol

If the stub Apex class in the offline symbol table contains the referenced method(s), my guess is that the referencing source code is not under a configured source root. Take a look at this ...
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How can I deploy a global value set?

It seems you are using API version 56.0. You have to append __gvs in the package XML. It is documented here. Before 56.0 <members>gvs1</members> After 56.0 <members>gvs1__gvs</...
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TEST class coverage for boolean method and exception messages

Your testmethod needs to run in the context of a running user // given an active user User testU = [SELECT Id FROM User WHERE Profile.name = 'Partner Sales'and isactive = true LIMIT 1]; System.runAs(...
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Property 'allowNullValues' not valid in version 54.0

This is now an official Known Issue, you can subscribe to it to get notified when it will be fixed: https://trailblazer.salesforce.com/issues_view?title=metadata-api-deploy-error-custom-index-...
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Push upgrade app for second generation packages?

I decided to publish my own application on AppExchange which allows to perform push upgrades for 2GMP and some more features, like extract information about Subscribers or Versions so that we could ...
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