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How to delete apex class from managed package

Yes and its not as easy as its looks like. I have done this once. First you need to raise a case with SF support for component deletion. Also you need to unistall this package from all places ...
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post install class access modifier

Salesforce docs tends to write examples that use global despite not needing to. From time to time, I've seen this on scheduled classes, batchable classes, queueable classes, etc. You should not ...
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How to delete apex class from managed package

Yes, that is the way to do it. You log a case with Salesforce. It does not take that long and is not tedious at all (speaking from recent experience with this ). After that, they will enable deletion ...
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Second-generation managed packages that have been promoted to released can’t be deleted

Namespaces are assigned to packages, not package versions. You can't delete a managed second-generation package once you've uploaded a released version, but the good news is you don't really need to. ...
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How to delete apex class from managed package

You can try with deprecated annotation (@deprecated) before the class definition.I have used this for methods which are part of managed package.It will not delete the method/class but will indicate ...
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