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System.debug is not printing out to log children's records. if you want to debug it, you need explicitly iterate children. List<Request__c> requests = [ Select Id, Name, (SELECT ID, Request__c FROM Partner_Relations__r) FROM Request__c ]; for(Request__c req :requests){ for(Partner_Relation__c partnerRelation : req.Partner_Relations__r){ ...


You just need to run the same script over and over again: undelete [SELECT Id FROM Contact WHERE IsDeleted = true LIMIT 10000 ALL ROWS]; This is what I do in the Developer Console, it's easy as pressing Ctrl+Alt+E for as many times as I need. Adjust the LIMIT if you're getting CPU errors, etc.


In the onrowaction handler, you can get the row via an event parameter: handleRowAction(component, event, helper) { let row = event.getParam("row"); This value will contain all the properties of the original row, even those not mapped or exposed in a column.


Data loading and extraction in CumulusCI is documented in Automating Data Operations. The load_dataset task defaults to using the Bulk API or the REST API based on data volume. For small record volumes (under 2,000 records), it will default to using the REST API, and for larger volumes it will automatically switch to the Bulk API. You can control API ...

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