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Can site browsing data be exported?

This sounds like a use case for Data Cloud. Check more (marketing) information about it at Also the following trailhead module
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Can site browsing data be exported?

For now, the reports and dashboards containing this data are "closed" off. However, the 2024 Roadmap states that a JDBC connector will be made available to export the data to your own ...
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data is not showing on UI screen what is error in my program plz ans if any know this what mistake i m doing in this

You have declared searchInput twice in your JavaScript file. In your @wire service, you're using searchInput: '$searchKey', but searchKey is not defined anywhere in your code. You should use ...
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Data Loader - Unable to Proceed beyond Edit Your Query

finally i am able to solve the issue. please close data loader and open again with "Run As a Administrator" option it will work
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