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Does Salesforce Dataloader affect Daily Async Apex Executions Limits?

No, the Async Apex Executions limit covers Batchables, Queueables, Future methods and scheduled Apex. For more information see here. Of course, if there are any triggers that run as a result of your ...
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CSV header row error when using DataLoader

Check your Dataloader settings and see if you have anything in the "Other Delimiters" input box. I was loading a csv that contained dashes "-" in field values. I kept getting the ...
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How to retrieve the object data from Custom metadata types

In the Salesforce-provided Dataloader, you need to check "Show all Salesforce Objects" for Custom Metadata Types (ending in __mdt) to appear. Note that this only works for exporting data. ...
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Too many query rows: 50001 in Production

Does this add the rows retrieved for all SOQL statements executed during the data load? Yes. This limit is calculated based on the number of records returned by queries conducted by your transaction. ...
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How to retrieve the object data from Custom metadata types

The Data Loader, as far as I can tell, does not support Custom Metadata (and we've been given no indication if this will be available in the future). In fact, custom metadata isn't "real" ...
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Why Data Loader is not recommended to be used for uploading Knowledge Base Articles in Salesforce?

Looks like there are certain obstacles in using Dataloader to import Knowledge Articles. Certain Data Loader versions (newer than 55.0) have certain issues with HTML rich-text area import. Also it is ...
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How to convert contacts under an organisation to person accounts

This is a simple process that takes just a few steps. First, query SELECT Id, Name FROM Contact WHERE Account.Name = 'Individual'. Next, using that csv, insert new accounts, mapping Name to Name, and ...
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