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Salesforce - Hide/ show list view button based on profile

You'll have to create a separate layout for your specific profiles, then click the wrench icon for the Case related list, click the Buttons banner at the bottom, and then you can disable the standard ...
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Auto populating default values from Lightning button not working

It was one of the weirdest thing I came to know about Salesforce. The lightning button worked when I changed the code as shown below. /lightning/o/Custom_Request__c/new?recordTypeId=0127ZyyyyyyyyyQAK&...
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Wrap LWC in Aura so it can be opened on click of a button in a pop-up window

Aura is visually very similar to LWC. You have a top-level component, and you'll have your LWC component in the markup. <aura:component implements="force:hasRecordId,flexipage:...
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Refresh the page after the flow completes

I had a similar request, and the LWC component work for some use cases but it was not working for mine. Why? I am launching a screen flow from a Object Button/...
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