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Use the standard converter: HERE If that doesn't work, you should create a lightning component that does the same functionality --> Seems like a query for a single account record and a callout using an apex method. You can later expose your lightning component as a button and voila! Good luck!


Your merge field needs to be quoted and escaped: var rec = {!Apttus__APTS_Agreement__c.Reason_for_cancelation__c}; just dumps the value of the field directly into the JavaScript, likely producing syntax errors. It should be var rec = '{! JSENCODE(TEXT(Apttus__APTS_Agreement__c.Reason_for_cancelation__c)) }'; JSENCODE() escapes backslashes for you. The ...


The addition of button in the 'detail' section adds the button only in classic mode. To add the button in lightning mode or mobile application, add it in the 'salesforce mobile and lightning action' section. See the below image.


You need to expose the python script at an API on your local host server and then create a button on salesforce where you can post the URL of the API and the button should run your python script when clicked.

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