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LWC: Table Body Colspan Not Matching Table Header Span When The Table Body is in a Child Component

Tables do not behave well if there are other elements (including custom elements that are LWC components) in the hierarchy that don't look like parts of a table. The solution for this is, I believe, ...
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What is the best way to change the font size and style of a lightning-card title?

title is actually a slot, so you can force whatever styles you want directly into it. <lightning-card> <h1 slot="title" style="font-size: 2em;">I am twice as large<...
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how to change the position of the dropdown of Lightning combobox

For lightning-combobox, we can control dropdown alignment using dropdown-alignment attribute as shown below : <lightning-combobox name="progress" label="...
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How can I get VS Code to consider dynamic styles as valid CSS?

For most people who arrive at this question, @Shivangi's answer provides a helpful way to avoid this type of error while working in LWC. However, @Chuck specifically asked: I understand that I can ...
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CSS to remove padding from Quick Action lightning component

Jannis Bott's answer affects the entire page. Here's the solution I found. It only affects our lwc component, and only inside Aura Wrapper. Create a div that covers the entire component html page ...
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