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JSON suffix error. It happened to me and I changed the repository name from "lwc" to "LWC" and solved the problem.


You can use the HTMLSelectElement.options property of the select element to determine which item you want to select dynamically: const genderfield = this.template.querySelector('[name="genderfield"]'); genderfield.selectedIndex = [...genderfield.options].findIndex(option => option.value === 'Female');


The default HTMLSelectElement doesn't use "value" to set a value, it uses selectedIndex. Also, during connectedCallback, the template hasn't yet been rendered. Add an asynchronous callback, and you should be fine: setTimeout(() => this.template.querySelector(someCssSelector).selectedIndex = 1 ); In addition, you cannot reliably use Id values ...


I had a similar error. In my case I had a folder named lwc in the navigation path to the actual location of the of the project. And I had another component at the same level as the correct one. Once I removed the entire folder of the extra component and updated the lwc folder, I was able to get past this error.

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