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You're trying to run the following query [SELECT Id FROM Account_addresses__c WHERE id = : DelAddrId LIMIT 1] But ask yourself, are you setting delAddrId anywhere in your test method? Does any other code you're executing set that property? If the answer to both of those questions is "no" (and that is indeed the case here), then you have a problem. ...


You are not populating DelAddrId, so it's null. When you run this query Account_addresses__c ToBeDeleted = [SELECT Id FROM Account_addresses__c WHERE id = : DelAddrId LIMIT 1]; there are no matching records, so you get an exception since you're assigning to a single sObject instance. You don't need to query here - you can just do delete new ...


You seem to have missed marking the property as public, due to that the VF page is unaware of that property. Try adding public access modifier to conList: public List<schema.Contact> conList { set;get; }


As the Product Name and Description are data rather than configuration Salesforce has no native tools to do this. You can either create a record for each language you need to support for each product with the name and description in the correct language and then have a custom language picklist field on the Product object to help filter the records displayed ...


To change the Standard field name Salesforce Classic Setup | Customize | Tab Names and Labels | Rename Tabs and Labels Select the object of your choice. Edit the page (you can edit the object name). Click Next. On this second edit page you can edit the record name as well as the other Standard fields. Click Save. Lightning Experience Gear icon | Setup | ...


Apparently, this is an issue related to the browser cookies. It does not work for me in Safari, but the page does appear in Chrome. Thanks for the answers.


If you are you trying to view the VF page on the Account page layout in Lightning Experience, you'll need to edit the VF page under setup and check the "Available for Lightning Experience, Lightning Communities, and the mobile app" checkbox:


This could be because if the rendered tag you have in the pageblock table code! Change the rendered tag to below rendered="{! IF(addresses.size > 0, true, false)}"> Also debug the below query to see if records are returned I will use Account__c instead of relationship Account__r but should not impact the results though addresses = [SELECT Id,...

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