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I have 5 condition to check, how can i do it by aura: if? i am expecting: A && B &&C &&D &&E scenario. Can someone please help


If the value of the field in the comparison is null, then == and != still work, but > or < causes an error. As the check is in VF, I added an additional check in the rendered section for null value like this: <apex:outputText value="{0, Number, #,###,###.00}" rendered="{!per.unit__r.listing__r.value__c != null && per....


Expressions which must be evaluated (such as using the if expression in your first example) do not work with two-way binding. As such, you will need need to either (a) bind the value in aura:if (as in your second example), or (b) set the reference dynamically. For example, you could conceptually do this: <aura:attribute name="myBoolean" type="Boolean" ...

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