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Visual force is pretty good at auto-casting values to the correct object type. For most usages you can probably just declare the parameter as type Object[]. For your particular example I might use: <apex:attribute type="Object[]" name="var" description="Variable to store results in." assignTo="{!...


ISBLANK is for Strings - instead, you can directly check for true or false (NOT expects a boolean) NOT([FX5_WorkOrder_c].SandSafe_Customer__c) The whole thing could be written (you can leave NOT out): ISCHANGED([FX5_WorkOrder_c].SandSafe_Customer__c ) && [FX5_WorkOrder_c].SandSafe_Customer__c = TRUE Reference here


Running this through my own execute anonymous window, I was able to reproduce the issue. Turns out that the problem is indeed the missing colon : in your query. When using a variable in a query (typically called a bind, or binding, see relevant documentation), we need to use : to let Salesforce know that it is a variable. So the correct query would be List&...

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