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What is the difference between trackHistory and trackFeedHistory?

trackFeedHistory Will track changes to the Object in the Chatter Feed for that object. This is called Feed Tracked Changes. These Feed Items are system generated and refered to as FTCs FTCs older ...
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The record couldn’t be saved CANNOT_EXECUTE_FLOW_TRIGGER

If anyone is still looking for a better answer in this thread... here you go. You might get this error if the SObject (that you're inserting ) has an active Process Builder that expects certain ...
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3 votes

How do I create a post to my Opportunity feed via REST API

You could use this endpoint url /services/data/v36.0/sobjects/FeedItem And use POST method and pass the body { "ParentId": "0069000000K8YjL", "Body" : "hello there", "type" : "TextPost", "Title" :...
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The record couldn’t be saved CANNOT_EXECUTE_FLOW_TRIGGER

The root cause here is in process builder if we are using some fields and in test class data those fields are blank then we get this error if we create data which have all fields populated used in ...
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1 vote

SOQL CustomObject__Feed See Just see posted messages (different from draft) (Chatter)

You can do it with SOQL query on FeedItem, but just set Parent.Type = 'Essai__c' in WHERE clause. SELECT CreatedById, CreatedDate, Parent.Name, ParentId, Id, Body, (SELECT Id, CommentBody, ...
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1 vote

Remove Feed chatter in community

Basically, you are trying to modify the User Profile component. Unfortuantely, you will have to create your own lightning component if you wish to remove certain fucntions. Standard lightning ...
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Unit Test for Lead Conversion Class - AccountFeed, ContactFeed, FeedTrackedChange objects

Its a bit of work, but if you really want to properly cover those lines you will have to change your structure a bit: Create a class to return the AccountFeedItems and mocking if in text context ...
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1 vote

How to remove chatter feeds based on the page layout

The Chatter feed is a default component of Salesforce page layouts and is not possible to remove from them using declarative tools. A Visualforce page can be used to display a page without the feed, ...
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Preventing the Words while Chatter Post

It can be possible and I have the custom package. Are you interested?
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How do I create a post to my Opportunity feed via REST API

You can also use the Chatter REST API. (You'll need to use it if you want to include @mentions, which aren't supported when inserting FeedItem sObjects. Here's the example from the docs.)
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Follow all Cases of Group Members on Chatter

I think you will have to write a trigger on the Case object. I could not find any way to do it with workflow. The idea is to create a trigger on the Case object that checks whether a case was updated ...
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1 vote

The record couldn’t be saved CANNOT_EXECUTE_FLOW_TRIGGER

We may not deactivate process builder every time we clash with this kind of exceptions as in most of the cases, fields of the respective object that are being used by this process builder have no ...
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