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Weird "common.apex.runtime.impl.ExecutionException: Syntax error"|0x78b85a0a while doing a Callout

I was able to figure it out. As the hint of the last character was giving it turns out that I had checked by mistake the Allow Formulas in HTTP Body in the Named Credentials definition. So because I ...
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Create Excel file in Batch Apex Class

Technically yes, but practically no. Excel files are relatively complex beasts following the Office Open XML SpreadsheetML format that are put into a Zip archive. Salesforce doesn't provide any class/...
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Attachment content is empty

This file looks like a legitimate PNG file fragment when saved and downloaded. Reading through the file, we see: tag length data Magic 8 iVBORw0KGgo= // PNG HEADER IHDR 13 Width = 1678, Height = ...
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