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Import File Activity Automation - Change field data type to match Data Extension

There are only two ways of doing this: Update the value in the system exporting the data to the CSV Import into a data extension with field type Text, and use SQL to process the value into the right ...
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How to use DE suppression list in the journey builder?

You cannot use suppression list in journey builder send, use Exclusion Script in the journey email activity instead. In your journey, click on the Email Activity and select the Email Select the ...
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File drop is being picked by the wrong automation due to similar names

Thanks both for providing your inputs. To summarise we have 2 options to resolve this issue - Follow proper naming conventions for file drops say starting with campaign name first and avoid using ...
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Access shared data extension from child BU using SSJS

This works and filters on Email. var deObj = DataExtension.Init('ENT.Contact_Salesforce'); var filteredRows = deObj.Rows.Lookup(["Email"], [emailAddr]);
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Is there a way to process SQL queries in Salesforce Marketing Cloud based on criteria in another unrelated table?

Here's a pattern that I use for referencing a "parameter" data extension. You can reference the results of the join in a case statement or in the where-clause, depending on the specifics of ...
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