LookupRows function retrieval is limited by 2000 records. Yet, there is a similar function that you can use to retrieve more records - LookupOrderedRows (or better to refer to this since official SSJS documentation is unclear): <script runat="server"> Platform.Load("Core", "1"); var DeName = ''; //Add your Data ...


This was a passphrase issue. We had to remove some of the special characters we included in the passphrase and the decryption worked in the File Transfer step.


FilterActivity objects don't have an exposed CategoryID property, so you can't move them. It does seem like they do in older accounts -- since the Filter Activities are still listed under Interactions in Email Studio. One little trick for finding retrievable SOAP properties -- find your BU's tenant ID, and browse to the WSDL URL and hit CTRL-E to view the ...

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