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If you are using a Smart Capture form in your landing page, you can use the CloudPage Entry source in Journey Builder to send transactionnal emails after form submition. Otherwise, you can use an Entry Event based Journey for your emails and add an HTTP Post API Call to your Landing Page AMPScript with the collected data. CloudPage Entry Source ...


I have the same problem with a different type of automation (asked here), so I feel your pain. This probably won't help you, but just in case: For the specific case of a file drop, if your application is dropping the file, it's possible to create an import definition and perform it in a single SOAP call after the file has been placed in the FTP folder. ...


Lightning aura component attribute of data type Object has some bug - properties of Object does not update in some cases. Instead other types like sObject or Account or MyObject__c works fine. Other completely generic data types which work fine are List and Map. List is array of any data type. Map is Key-value pairs of any data-types. It is better if key ...


You can use the Deployment Manager for Journeys: For Automations, you could try SOAP API if you have experience with Marketing Cloud APIs:

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