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Can't update ContentVersion. My code create new file every time

To add a new ContentVersion for an existing File, you have to provide the existing ContentDocumentId before insert as below. <Identify the Existing ContentVersion based on some criteria> <get ...
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Syncing Files between orgs (e.g. via Salesforce Connect's Cross-Org Adapter?)

I'd suggest using MuleSoft or Heroku, if you are willing to customize heavily. Sometimes, out of the box solutions, that Salesforce provides end up having a lot of limitations creating more roadblocks....
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Getting the Error : Failed to load PDF Document on attachment preview

Try using this code: public static void createVfPDF(Id bkId){ PageReference pdf = Page.NewDocumentchecklistPdfpage; System.debug(bkId); List<Booking__c> bList2 = new List<...
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Usage of magic mover app

Found an answer on researching. It is possible to obtain all the files for a specific time range and we can convert them to files.
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