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You could use Schema.getGlobalDescribe() and see if the History table for the correspoding object exists. Map<String, Schema.SObjectType> sch = Schema.getGlobalDescribe(); if(sch.containsKey('AccountHistory')){ System.debug('Contains Account History'); } if(sch.containsKey('Application__History')){ System.debug('Contains Application History');...


For anyone looking at this in the future, this post has solved my issue: StackExchange Post. You need to set your site name as your as the user name and it will show up in debug logs (without setting a cookie).


No debug logs available for guest user since Winter 17 as the latest answer to this question explains. So, your best shot is a try/catch + custom log.-


I was able to resolve the issue by using same callback URL at both the places. Thank you all for your help!

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