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It depends on the format in which you're putting a table to your email. In most cases it's a plain HTML Table Element in HtmlBody field of your EmailMessage object. If this is your case you can parse your code using XML Tools for Apex.


Here the Salesforce link for the issue, hope it helps!


I work for an ISV and we recently received some reports from customers of the same error. We've narrowed it down to the following: This only affects those who've have had a Salesforce IQ application installed in their Org. Uninstalling alone doesn't resolve the problem. This only occurs in Spring 20 pre-release sandboxes. We've seen this specifically in ...


This should work without issue. Suppose your E2C email is The E2C configuration binds this to some SFDC-generated address looking like If you define an Email Service foo, there is a SFDC generated address that looks like Now, in your company's mail server, you set up auto-...

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