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Rerender Field Based on Different Field Value in VF

You need to rerender something that surrounds the item that needs to appear and disappear. In your case, since there are two children of your page block section, I would rerender that, rather than ...
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Visualforce error on rerender with inputfile

The CSV file would be wiped out on reRender anyways, so you need to store the data elsewhere between actions on the page. To get the desired effect, render the spinner using client-side code, and ...
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Is it a good practice to nest apex:actionRegion in another apex:actionRegion?

I think cancel button within actionRegion is not needed if you don't need to process anything to the server and rerender specific portion. I would prefer not to use nested actionRegion. Then outer ...
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Rendering PageBlocksectionItem Problem

Yes, as it was mentioned before you could have problems with alignment and label displaying when using component actionRegion. Following structure helps you to have proper alignment together with ...
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How to update particular section using action region

You can use the rerender attribute as you can see here. You just have to specify an id to the section that you want to update on the button click. Here's the "Record details" pageBlock. Like this: &...
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Prevent validation of a specific required input field when button is clicked

I believe wrapping the field-button pairs in actionRegions does the job! That way each button validates its counterpart field. Finally the main page-level button can be left alone to operate normally.
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actionpoller to update number on vfpage

Update your div line with <apex:outputpanel id="notification">{!taskSize}</apex:outputpanel>
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