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I'm working with Lightning Web Components. Turns out I just needed a plain old <div> tag around the table, and that's it. Theory: Data table needs to live inside of a <div> to figure out its own damn dimensions: <div> <lightning-datatable data={data} columns={RMADetailGridColumns} key-field="Id" hide-checkbox-column sorted-...


I'd recommend you add a custom field to ProductConsumed called IsDeleted__c that's a boolean checkbox and create an action or component that executes offline which causes IsDeleted__c to be set to true whenever the ProductConsumed is deleted from the Work Order (whether it be from the WorkOrderLineItem or elsewhere). Then, alter the query in your Get ...


Do you try to get the code coverage for your Apex code, or do you want to do advanced testing? Is it not sufficient to appropriately call the Apex methods from your test class?

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