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The relationship between Account Team Member and Account is a Lookup, and is not eligible for rollups. Because this is a standard object, you cannot make it a master-detail child of another object, so creating a roll-up-able relationship is not a possibility. You'll need to use your own automation, or a product like DLRS or Apex Rollup.


Lead can converted using Database.LeadConvert. On conservion lead it will create the account, contact and opportunity(optional). public class LeadConvert { public void convertToAccount() { LeadStatus convertStatus = [select MasterLabel from LeadStatus where IsConverted = true limit 1]; List <Database.LeadConvert> leadConverts = new List <...


You cannot view reports that are under the user's Private reports folder. You can use below SOQL query to locate reports in private folders. SELECT DeveloperName,FolderName,Id,Name,OwnerId FROM Report USING SCOPE allPrivate You would get list of reports along with User Id and since you are system admin you should be able to login As with that specific ...


There's no way to influence this behavior. If you want to customize the experience at all, you're free to do so, by way of an Action Override. You can use a Visualforce page or Aura Component to override the default behavior and provide a custom interface. You could even query your DuplicateRecord and DuplicateRecordSet entries generated from the Duplicate ...

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