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I don't think this is a dumb question since the information isn't readily available in the platform, I have wandered in the beginning too. The easiest way that I can think of is a chrome extension that can provide account type and other information. It's called "Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Developer Tools" from Markus. here is a screenshot reference as ...


I generally support and believe in using person accounts when many B2C customers are encountered. This wasn't always the case and some older packages may still have issues but I think most do not. Lightning Experience also has some better tools for layouts that reflect the different between a person account and business account. Before activating person ...


The only way to add content other than sObject fields to the New modal is to override the New action on the relevant sObject. This would require you to write a Lightning component or Visualforce page, which must provide all of the required functionality to create a new object - including obtaining and rendering the relevant page layout. Because the barrier ...


Your Apex controller appears to be missing a class declaration and all of its member variable declarations. What you have here is only a constructor, which Apex is not expecting to see outside the scope of a class. You'll need to write the class definition and the declarations of the instance variables acc and accountList.

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