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Questions about second-generation packaging (2GP). Includes the partner-centric feature of Managed 2GP as well as the customer-centric feature of Unlocked Packages.

On the Salesforce Platform, the term "packaging" generally describes the process by which a publisher collects and prepares metadata customizations in a redistributable format. Once published, a subscriber may choose to install one or more of these packages into the orgs that they administer.

As of Summer ‘20, there are two different types of packaging technologies:

  • First-Generation Packaging (1GP), the original packaging technology that launched with the AppExchange
  • Second-Generation Packaging (2GP), the latest packaging technology, developed in conjunction with Salesforce DX

The 2gp tag is focused on Second-Generation Packaging and its two distinct flavors.

  • Managed Packages (or “Managed 2GP”) are the new and modern way for ISV and OEM Partners to commercially distribute apps and solutions built on the Salesforce Platform. This is the successor to classic, first-generation managed packages.
  • Unlocked Packages are typically utilized by customers and SI partners to help organize metadata customizations that are intended for a single production org.

Official documentation and enablement material can be found in the Documentation for Second-Generation Packaging (2GP) Trailmix.