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A person who uses the system, often more specifically a person with a user licence assigned.

Simple, In your sandbox go to Email Administration->Deliverability-> Make that as No email Now when you change email of user make sure to check "Generate New Password and Notify user immediately …
answered Dec 3 '18 by Pranay Jaiswal
Only A Single class the "Apex Plugin Class", runs in the context of the specified user. From Salesforce Docs: For Run As, select the name of the user to run the plug-in as. The plug-in runs on … behalf of a user account. If the user isn’t authorized for the connected app, use the authorize method to do so. As you are not using that feature, your logic will run in the context of the user
answered Dec 24 '18 by Pranay Jaiswal
Create a public group having members of all those in the particular profile. and send email to them. You can write trigger on user to add it to a public group whenever its profile is made the targeted profile. …
answered Dec 16 '16 by Pranay Jaiswal
Surprise... I did a bit of debug and found out if (u.ContactId == null ) returns false in after update trigger. Thus you cannot use this field to determine if the Customer/Partner user is disabled … or not. I believe once the user is disabled, internally they remove the association of User with contact without running a trigger. Can we still write trigger when customer user is diabled ? yes …
answered May 8 '18 by Pranay Jaiswal
I have a Quote__C(custom Object) whose owner is a portal user which is now inactive. I have to perform a dml on such record ,but salesforce isnt allowing me to do so(from other portal user profile with whom record is shared). Any help how to do will be appreciated. …
asked Jul 10 '15 by Pranay Jaiswal
Buttons are part of page layout. Page Layouts are controller by record type and Profiles. Let's ignore record type for now. Thus if Profile for Group Members of A and B is ame, you won't be be able t …
answered May 16 '18 by Pranay Jaiswal
Its a two step process. Create a Permission set to provide access to those Fields and assign that permission to that user Use manual sharing to share such specific records with your user. Now the user has access to records as well as permission to view/edit those fields. …
answered Apr 24 '17 by Pranay Jaiswal
As, we cannot give View All permission on Account for Community License profile, Making OWD as Public Read Only Serves the same purpose. The only thing to consider is - Any other community you start/ …
answered Jan 20 by Pranay Jaiswal