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Resubmit approval process if record edited?

I have a scenario where the user has submitted record for approval and record got locked. In the mid of the approval, another user edits the record. In this case users need to re submit the record for approval.

How can I achieve this?

In the approval process, on each step I am changing the 'Status' Field in the record. I am resetting the 'Status' to pending on record edit. in this case, 'Submit for approval' button is not visible in the record.

Please advise.

Additional Info:

we have 4 step approval process.

  • User submits the record for approval.
  • Approver 01, approves the record and it goes to approvar 02.
  • Meanwhile submitter edits the record. for example: changed the Amount field.
  • The record should be resubmitted for approval. it should go to the all the approval steps again.

I hope it will help.

Other option i found is Submitter can recall the approval and edit the record, then he can resubmit for the approval. but is there any automated way of doing this?