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Questions tagged [xmlnode]

In the DOM, everything in an XML document is a node.

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Creating XML with CDATA to send to a third party

addTextNode method of Dom.Xmlnode class replace < with &lt;. How I can avoid it?
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Is it possible to go to aparticular node in a xml?

I am wondering how can I search a node once I parse an XML, I need to go to the node (attached at the end of the question) "data-block" and loop through all the children to extract the value ...
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Unable to get all elements in List<Dom.XmlNode> [closed]

I'm trying to iterate through a List<Dom.XmlNode) in order to get all elements, but I am only able to get the first two (header - body) Here's my code: String xml='<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:...
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Unable to get the contents from xml and parse it in Apex class

///////////////////////////////////////////// <rss version="2.0"> <channel> <title>W3Schools Home Page</title> <link></link> <...
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Applying XML Namespaces without Prefixes in XML Doc

I am still relatively new to XML in Apex and I am trying to reproduce the following XML: <s:Envelope xmlns:s="" xmlns:u="
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Salesforce: Issues in removing the entire child node in an xml

I have an xml , and I tried to remove an entire child nodes using the xml DOM process. Even i use the remove child method , the result says true but if i print the dom it still holds that child ...
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How to populate XML

I saved an XML template file like the below in a library. Please note the text ApplicationTypeHolder and SubmissionTypeHolder in the file. I modified the original XML file and added those texts there. ...
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Not getting stored multiple results using xml file

I have following xml and i am going to insert in one custom object's custom field called Formatted_address__c. Now, Problem is all Formatted address not inserting, it just taking the first address> ...
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How to replace £ in XML

When I pass a String to XML I have £ Symbol.Suppose if the string is 'test£' then it gives the exception as invalid String as we have £ in String. Is that possible to replace this £ symbol. I tried &...
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Issue with XML formatting when using XmlNode.getChildElements()

Step - 1: Create xml structure Xmlstreamwriter xmlW = new Xmlstreamwriter(); xmlW.writeStartDocument('utf-8','1.0'); //Salesinvoices xmlW.writeStartElement(null,'SalesInvoices', null); xmlw....
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Parsing XML response, Values preceded by delimited null in Debug, Returns Null variable assignment

I have an external system I am making a SOAP HTTP POST request to that has a simple response. I need to store both returned values as string variables for further processing. Here is the response from ...
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Root Element with two or more namespace in a XML Document

How can I add two or more namespace on root element in a XML Document? In Java, I create the XMLNode with two namespace and then I set it as root element in a XML Document. In Salesforce, I have ...
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How to convert an Dom.XMLNode to its String representation

Is there a way to convert an XMLNode element to it's string representation? So if my XMLNode is <div>testing</div>, and I want a string representation of the element and text "<div>...
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Issue with XmlStreamReader not getting the last xml element content

I have the following code to parse an xml script below class Cell { string data; } Integer rowCounter = 0; List<Cell> cells = new List<Cell>(); Map<Integer, List<Cell>> ...
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DOM Document with XMLNode class does not giving perfect result

I need to implement a visual force page which contains two inputTextArea boxes. These textboxes should form like one box is left side for input and another one is right side to display result. This ...
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Export records as xml

In salesforce I want to export records as xml and am stuck at getting child object records of same object. (Self relationship between interaction and I want to get Parent and its child) Here is the ...
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CPU Timeout limit exceeded exception caused for existing working code after SF upgraded to Summer'16,. Any idea if anything updated in Summer'16

I have a code which was working for my previous packages. But after the Summer'16 release I am getting the CPU timeout exception for my codebase which was working earlier. Is there any thing update ...
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converting xml response using Document class and xmlNode

I have to actually generate the following xml into a dom object, but failing to do so. This is my actual XML response : <Fault xmlns=""> &...
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