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Convert XLSX into CSV in Apex [closed]

We are having some hard time converting a ContentDocument of type XLSX into CSV inside Salesforce APEX code. What we are looking for is a way to convert the stored XLSX file into SF to be converted ...
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How to call report in xlsx file format

could you please help me how to call report Xlsx file format, i am tried to below code, but i am not get the result: public class BatchUtilClass { @future(callout=true) public static void ...
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Generated xls shows as xml data

I create a visualforce (to build excel file) and controller to saved it in Salesforce (ContentVersion). The generated file format is .xls but when I view the file it shows as xml syntax. Visualforce (...
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Generate xlsx file from Apex

I've developed some csv reports in the past through Apex code. Now, I've a requirement to develop a report in xlsx format. For CSV, I used ' , ' as delimiter and appended '.csv' to the file name. For ...
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