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linker error in xcode on sample hybrid project build

I've tried building 2 of the sample projects into xcode generated via 'forceios create samples'. They both have 5 errors when I try to build the project. Here's an example of one: Apple Mach-O ...
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Getting error while building in xcode error: non-portable path to file

After migrating to SFMCSDK to v8 everything seem to work fine. But now I get the following error when building the project: <module-includes>:2:9: error: non-portable path to file '"Headers/...
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Enable bitcode for libJB4ASDK-*.a static library

We are using JB4A-SDK as 4.1.0 now, and just found out that the static library file: libJB4ASDK-4.1.0.a is not using bitcode. Since our whole project and other 3rd party dependencies are using ...
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Where is the updated documentation for SPM integration>?

In release notes for version 8.1.0 I see this statement: MarketingCloudSDK Integration via SPM – Integration via Swift Package Manager (SPM) now automatically includes SFMCSDK, simplifying ...
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