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How Approval Processes Actions will be done after the freezing of workflows?

Salesforce has announced that they will be retiring their Workflow Rules and Process Builder functionality. As a result, users will no longer be able to create new workflows or make changes to ...
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Evalution criteria in record-triggered flows vs apex trigger

Due to some performance issues, I plan to migrate the Record-Triggered flows to the Apex trigger code. I wrote all the criteria logic and updated the records in the Before Insert and BeforeUpdate ...
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How to automatically update Status to Expired on Contracts when they expire?

My company has just started using Contracts. I created a value in the Status picklist called Expired for expired contracts. My goal is to automate setting the value to Expired without asking the sales ...
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Workflow rule change custom picklist depending on amount field

I have a picklist with 3 value and i want to change that value depending on value from amount field. So if amount <5 picklist value = 1 if amount >=5 and < 10 picklist value = 2 if amount &...
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Workflow rule field update - how to set picklist value dynamically using formula?

In Workflow rule field update, is there any way to set a picklist type field value dynamically based on another field? I see formula based updates available for text type field, but for picklist I'm ...
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