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How to use Apex Mockery Lib for simple scenario?

Was wanting to use Stub API for mocking test for some time but had been too busy to try it out. I saw some devs recommending FFLib but I find it too heavy a framework for most SF envs. So looking for ...
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Chatter sender issue after Winter ’24

As of Winter ’24, Chatter emails are no longer sent from orgs where the From Name and Email Address fields in Chatter Email Settings are blank. According to the aforementioned quote, the "From ...
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As of Winter ’24, Chatter emails are no longer sent from orgs

There are a increasing number of cases where administrators are complaining that the chatter email notifications are not going out after the Winter '24 Salesforce release. What is causing this?
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Case thread ID - New format

I have different processes in case of emails, to unsure mails will always go to the right case even if they are sent for different mail, I added a formula field in case which resolves threadId. It is ...
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How to develop Lightning LWC and Aura Components after Winter 24 Release without 10 minutes waiting and without cache clear and without Debug Mode?

Today I went nearly crazy while working on an Aura component. I'm saving my work but the UI does not update. Damn! Waiting a while (about 10 minutes) my changes are finally showing up. This is ...
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Boolean aura attribute not working in lightning component

I came across a weird behaviour on our sandbox org which is currently on Winter 24. We have several lightning components that we use in all different kind of screen flows. For whatever reason aura ...
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Icon Color in lightning badge changed to grey after winter 24 upgrade

My Icon color which is in a badge has changed to grey after salesforce winter 24 upgrade, earlier it worked with the color which I specified .I have tried many things but none of them worked, Kindly ...
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Method was removed after version 58.0: getSalesforceBaseUrl

I'm trying to call system.debug(URL.getSalesforceBaseUrl()); and receive the following message: Method was removed after version 58.0: getSalesforceBaseUrl I've checked the documentation for v58.0 ...
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SOQL for ApexTrigger filtered on Name field returns no results

querying all my trigger name filtering by specific name. But no result found ? what is that I am missing ? Note: Same query works perfectly in production
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cg cloud modeler: user authentication failed

Consumer Goods Cloud Offline App gets an error: User authentication has failed (Code: U1000) This happens when trying to connect after being asked to log in.
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LWC Errors in Winter 24

I have some pretty standard LWC that were working fine last week. The sandbox is now on Winter 24, and I keep getting different errors when I view the component e.g. Action.prototype.finishAction ...
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