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Winter 23 Beta - Missing Einstein activity capture

We were added to winter 23 beta and now I can't find Einstein activity capture in the set up quick box. Any ideas?
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PapaParse in LWC after Winter '23 heightened security?

I am trying to use PapaParse (a Javascript CSV analyzer library) in a Lightning Web Component. A lightning modal hosts the tool. Although I have seen examples of doing so in the past, I have been ...
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Best practices for managing Github during Salesforce Releases?

My team is working on a project that will likely take over 6 months. We are making edits to Site pages, classes, fields, flows, etc. Part of this process involves staging changes in a partial sandbox ...
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Workflow rule creation through managed package

We have workflow rules in our managed package, As salesforce is stopping the support for creation of new workflow rules after Winter ’23 release, Will it still allow the creation of workflow rules ...
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Winter 23 Named Credentials: no authentication

Now that Named Credentials have added External Credentials as the extra layer of authentication, is it still possible to have Named Credentials with No Authentication? It would appear that the ...
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Winter 23 - ICU date Formats - Date.parse

I have observed in the last few days the following (locale = en_US): Date d = Date.parse('15/56/2023'); // run with api V55 System.debug(LoggingLevel.INFO,d); Environment ICU enabled? ...
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Create Overlays with the New Modal Component

I am trying to implement the new modal feature in LWC came up with winter 23 release. The link can be found here:-
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FlowNavigationNextEvent does not trigger

I am facing an interesting issue on a second generation managed package on Winter 23. In the lightning web component when a certain condition is not met, component fires a FlowNavigationNextEvent to ...
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Winter Release 23 was installed in my org and now I am unable to insert Opportunities via Apex

I am getting the following error: System Code) 17:05:53.175 (1986907158)|FATAL_ERROR|System.LimitException: Can only throw this exception type from VisualForce or Aura context It appears to be coming ...
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REST Request is rejected since Winter 23 hit the preview enabled sandbox

REST Requests seem to be rejected by SF since Winter 23 hit our preview enabled sandbox. Below sample code runs (run on Exec. anonymous) smoothly in v54 sandbox, but fails with below error in v55 (...
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