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Salesforce Winter release for year 2017. This corresponds to API 38.

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Winter 17 release : event.getSource is not a function on lightning:button

I'm trying to get the label of the button the user has clicked on by using event.getSource, but I'm getting the error that event.getSource is not a function. Component <lightning:button variant="...
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lightning:textarea | Scroll not working when the content exceeds the container height in Salesforce1 | Winter '17

I'm facing an issue where scroll is not working in one of the newly released Lightning Base Component in the Winter '17 namely lightning:textarea. The cursor even moves out of the textarea when tried ...
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Locker Service: How to get the event target?

Greetings great people of the Salesforce Stackexchange, We are having some trouble with Salesforce Locker Service update in the custom Lightning Components we're developing. This works without ...
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Can we detect context inside a Lightning Component which has implemented 'force:lightningQuickAction' interface?

While working on a Lightning Component that can be invoked inside a Lightning Record Home Page as well as Quick Actions. But I need to present different User interface in both context of the component....
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Mutiple HighchartsV5 components not rendering when Locker Service is active (error 16)

Multiple Highcharts component is not rendering when Locker Service is activated. The individual Highcharts rendering issue was solved after the Patch 12.1 update from the Salesforce in the Winter '17....
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