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Questions tagged [winter15]

Salesforce Winter release in 2015. This corresponds to API 32.

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Issue with Query during Test on User Object after Winter 15

Specific example that I did not see in other questions: Unable to query user object when filtering on ProfileName and Limiting result during test in production Have a test class passing in full ...
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Winter 15 - Validation Rule

I have the following validation rule for a Custom Object: AND(ISPICKVAL( transp__SFT_Trip__r.transp__SFT_Status__c, "Encerrada") , $Profile.Name != "Administrador do sistema") It only let the admin ...
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Type mismatch for <apex:attribute assignTo>. Value binding to a property of type ANY is required, property specified (objectValue) is of type Object

I need a bit of guidance here. I'm working with a visual force which actually was correctly deployed in an org (and working fine), through an ant target, using salesforce tool. Note that not all ...
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Generate ClientId/ClientSecret in Salesforce for external application to connect

I am attempting to recreate the sample console application found at This also leverages the NUGET ...
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2-10x Slower Deployments with Winter '15?

We've recently had deployments spike in several of the client orgs we work with. The worst example jumping from 45 minutes to upwards of 7 hours. A current deployment is 3 hours in and has only ...
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Updated Rich Text Editor not available in Winter 15 Org

As per the Winter 15 release notes the rich text editor in the rich text field should get updated with the new features. But it seems i am only getting the updated editor on Article object. On account ...
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3 answers

Getting an error when creating Trial orgs from Environment Hub

I'm getting an error when creating a trialforce demo org from environment hub as of winter 15. Creating the new org failed. Please try again later. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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5 votes
2 answers

"FeedItem-Feed Item Layout" preventing profile deployment

Googled my problem and found the exact problem but with no answers. After the upgrade to Winter '15 / Package.xml to 30.0, there are errors on my profiles Error: profiles/PROFILENAME.profile(12101,24)...
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Custom Permission - Error in Winter '15 Release Notes?

In WI15 release notes ( customization section, pag.178), it's explained how Custom Permissions work, and particularly it's said that a custom permisssion could be set as required for another ...
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Did the Edit standard action on User get renamed in Winter '15?

Did SalesForce rename the Edit standard action on User from Edit to EditUserRecord? The release notes don't mention anything about this. Some of my deployments started failing over the weekend with ...
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What's new in winter '15 for developers

Edited: What's new in winter '15 for developers? I was looking for something specific for developers. I ran into some beta versions of duplicate rules, which I believe comes under I found ...
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UserTerritory2Association Object

I want to rename the label of the field. Can we change the field label for RoleInTerritory2 field in UserTerritory2Association object?
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0 answers

Is there a way to dynamically use a Custom Permission selected through Apex on a Visualforce page?

I know its a little to early too ask questions about features being given in Winter 15, however any help is greatly appreciated :) Custom permissions is a new feature provided in Winter 15. My ...
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2 answers

Winter '15 causing broken image links?

I have a Java web app that connects to Salesforce to pull catalog information, etc. Today, the images on the page that are stored on Salesforce are showing up as broken links. When I visit the link ...
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Winter 15 preview new error messages: valueOf() function

We have been experiencing serious issues today with the release of Winter 15 into our sandboxes... Salesforce System Error: 1702643372-49547 (938791604) (938791604) Error is in expression '{!...
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How to enable External Objects in Salesforce Developer Edition

I want to enable External Objects in my developer edition. How to do it, i was not able to see any settings ?
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