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Windows 7 is a computer operating system developed by Microsoft as part of Windows NT family of operating systems.4

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Salesforce Communities: Safari can't open the page because safari can't establish a secure connecti

Background I have a public Salesforce community page hosted on a custom domain with a RapidSSL (Part of Digicert) SSL certificate. I've checked the RapidSSL SSL certificate with SSL Checker, and ...
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Can Data Loader run with 64-bit Java?

I have uninstalled all old versions of the data loader and installed the newest one: 36.0.0 I cleaned up all Java stuff on my 64-bit Win 7 machine and there's only one version left, it's this version ...
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Where do I enter CMD line prompts for MavensMate for Windows?

I have recently started using MavensMate as a replacement for Eclipse with the IDE. The MavensMate docs have a bunch of helpful CMD line prompts, I'm pretty new to Sublime and I don't know ...
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Apex data loader installation

After install Apex data loader 29.0 in my notebook(windows 7), I can not find Data Loader icon on desktop, or Start -> All Programs -> Could someone help on this issue? Thanks.
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