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Domain Whitelisting AWS-based Appliciation in Hyperforce

Is there a way to whitelist a list of domains instead of IP Addresses in Salesforce after Hyperforce migration similar to allowlisting introduced here documentation but for incoming applications? We ...
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Whitelisting Visualfoce URLs in my Application

I'm using a third party tool (AWS Quicksight) to embed a dashboard into an SFDC ISV application. This tool requires all domains where the dashboard is embedded to be whitelisted (not whitelisted in ...
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1 answer

HTTP request - Whitelisting

I need to send an HTTP request to an external Server. They need to open my permissions there and they asking for my URL OR IP address. Since I using Salesforce and it's on the cloud, I don't know ...
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Whitelist MyDomain Sandboxes

Now that I'm using MyDomain, I am noticing that sandboxes have a silly domain name associated with them (e.g., I'd like to whitelist production and all ...
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Can my app auto-update an installee's security settings to allow them access to my API?

I work at a company that sells data about private companies. We have an API and our customers sign up to get an API key, with which they can make API calls to get data about specific companies. More ...
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Error when writing to Data Extension using java script code

I'm sure you can help me with this: We are integrating our website with Marketing Cloud, so we are using JavaScript to send data into a Data Extension to start a Journey. The Script works, it ...
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0 answers

Canvas app sends GET request instead of POST when API whitelisting is enabled

Cross-Post from We use a connected (canvas) app to integrate a third-party web application in salesforce. We use the the 'signed request' authentication model and it works as ...
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1 answer

Load IP Whitelist into Salesforce via API

I have a list of around 412 whitelist records to load into the Network Access section of Security Controls in my org. With so many IP addresses to load, is there any way to load this programmatically ...
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6 votes
1 answer

What is required to get a Connected App whitelisted?

This article mentions whitelisting a connected app, but I have not been able to find any resources on how to begin the whitelisting process, and what is required of my application to be successfully ...
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