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Create valid Messaging Session with Apex for outbound WhatsApp message

Today I have an Apex job that sends multiple messages every couple of minutes. So.. if the receiver doesn't have a related MessagingEndUser, I create it before sending the message; I apply some ...
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WhatsApp report by channel

I'm aware that in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we can generate reports in Analytics Builder for email campaigns by navigating to the "Recent Email Sending Summary" tab. It's as simple as ...
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WhatsApp Integration with Marketing Cloud

We have created Journey for WhatsApp messages, but we have faced an issue that messages didn't come to customers when we use Data Extension as Entry Source. Contacts in DE are Opted-In. It works for ...
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Query conversation message Enhanced whatsapp

Previously on the standard version we can do query to get message body using : SELECT Id, ActorType, ActorId, ActorName, Message FROM ConversationEntry WHERE ConversationId = '0MXXXXXXXXXXXXX' With ...
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After the messaging session is routed to an agent, the status remains as "Waiting"

I created a queue for routing the messaging sessions, but when the session is directed to an agent the status remains as "Waiting" making it impossible for the agent to view and interact ...
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I can't send an email that contains a whatsapp conversation with Flow

I cant send a mail with my conversation. I recive the email but only with the first message. But in the debug of the flow the body of message is complete. I add many innecessary steps cause i cant ...
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