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Create Contacts API payload is not working as expected

I'm having a problem with Create Contacts api payload, i'm sending this specific payload witch can be found in the documentation:
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Retrieve send identifier from Whatsapp message using Ampscript

In e-mail we can retrieve JobID, BatchID right from Ampscript, allowing us to do whatever we want with it. We have a use case where we need to match the Entry Data Extension row with the Whatsapp ...
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Cannot query ConversationEntry records for Enhanced Whatsapp Channel

Our org is migrating from Standard Whatsapp Channel to Enhanced Whatsapp Channel. We have already adapted our Einstein Bot and tested the channel succesfully. Messaging Sessions work as expected. ...
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Costs of running WhatsApp in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

So I know there is a quota of supermessages that we need to purchase to run campaigns out of SFMC and consume them according to the multipliers. But what about the meta side? Are there any additional ...
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WhatsApp outbound message

It is required to have different ids in marketing cloud whatsapp for advertising and informational outbound message?
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Create valid Messaging Session with Apex for outbound WhatsApp message

Today I have an Apex job that sends multiple messages every couple of minutes. So.. if the receiver doesn't have a related MessagingEndUser, I create it before sending the message; I apply some ...
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WhatsApp report by channel

I'm aware that in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we can generate reports in Analytics Builder for email campaigns by navigating to the "Recent Email Sending Summary" tab. It's as simple as ...
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Query conversation message Enhanced whatsapp

Previously on the standard version we can do query to get message body using : SELECT Id, ActorType, ActorId, ActorName, Message FROM ConversationEntry WHERE ConversationId = '0MXXXXXXXXXXXXX' With ...
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After the messaging session is routed to an agent, the status remains as "Waiting"

I created a queue for routing the messaging sessions, but when the session is directed to an agent the status remains as "Waiting" making it impossible for the agent to view and interact ...
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