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How to create a link to an Opportunity that does not specify lightning/non lightning?

I need to create a link to an Opportunity. I get the Opportunity ID from the (REST) API. I see regular links are But not ...
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Why is Lightning Readiness report showing issues with URL Buttons?

I was unaware of the fact that Lightning Readiness report is also reporting issues with custom Buttons set to URL as source. I was thinking that only JavaScript Buttons are getting ditched in ...
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JS in Salesforce DOM security review failure

I have just been sent back the security review report for our ISV partner app and one of the errors is 'JS in Salesforce DOM'. The file they have referenced is a .weblink file, the code snippet they'...
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Exact Target- Turn off redirects in emails? No tracking needed [duplicate]

Is there a way in Exact Target to turn off any links in text emails being changed to exact target redirects? We don't need link tracking and our IT team is being very particular about people getting ...
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Create a link on an external website using URL parameters?

I have an application external to Salesforce where I want to embed a link with a URL parameter with the Customer ID, that will redirect to the Salesforce account page in a new window. Something like ...
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