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Displaying a Tableau Public URL in Salesforce

I'd like to display a Tableau Public URL in Salesforce. The URL itself works fine, but when I try to display it as a "Web Tab" or Visualforce page I get: " refused to ...
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How to make a oauth authentication from salesforce mobile app? Web Tabs are not showing Allow Access? Pop up (iFrame Issue)

I have done a Device Flow Oauth using a ESP8266. Now i want to have the salesforce mobile app to authenticate my IoT device into salesforce. When the IoT device generates a OTP(User_Code), I open ...
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Web Tab Opening a new tab in Lightning Experience

I have created a web tab that opens the link of the desired url , in classic experience, the tab is opened in the same tab, but in lightning it is opening a new browser tab, how can i prevent this ...
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How to remove Web Tab Double Scroll Bar? [closed]

I have created a "full page width" web tab with a URL but when I load the page it is showing double scroll bar as below. I do not want to adjust the "Content Frame Height (pixels)" manually as it is ...
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Summer 17 Web tab bug

Testing web tabs in a summer 17 sandbox and have come across an issue where it won't redirect to the page. The browsers dev console shows mostly warnings about deprecated methods being called, a ...
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How to Create a web form in salesforce

I am new sfdc development.I got a requirement like whenever any rep after created the quote he had to send that quote like a web-form to the client.It means i have to send that quote in a web-form(...
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How to hide the header for web tab

We have created the salesforce web tab and given an link URL to Visualforce page, page works fine. But we need this page without header. I tried with showheader=false but it didn't work. How do we ...
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Customer Community URL stripped of Community Name

In my customer community I am using a web tab to display a VisualForce page that is a custom list view. I am using a web tab instead of a VisualForce tab because I am also passing through a parameter ...
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Can I add a WebTab using the REST API?

I want to create an app that integrates with the REST API using OAuth and for the front-end to be available for users as a tab inside Salesforce. I found how to create a WebTab manually and while the ...
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Can a Web Tab's url be get and set from Apex or the REST Api?

I would like to modify the url of my Web Tab for each SF organization that my managed package is installed on. Is there a way to get and set the url of a Web Tab from Apex or the REST Api? Is there a ...
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is it possible to auto assign url in a web tab?

I have a web tab created, the url of the web tab needs to different for different users. For eg i have a field in users object which holds a url When a particular user is logged in it needs to pick ...
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How do I detect a namespace prefix in a web tab formula?

I have a managed package that contains a legacy web tab that now needs some more advanced logic to be added to the destination. This all but requires the tab to now point to a visualforce page. ...
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