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How can journey data be used in a Journey Builder Wait Activity?

I have a Customer who has signed up for an event and want to send an Email 2 days before the event happens. The event data is in the Journey Data. However when I come to make a Wait Activity, I can ...
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud - JB Attribute based wait time not evaluating

I have a journey which looks at SFDC data and and has a wait activity based upon an attribute date/time field. The wait activity is 'wait until 3 days before trial end date'. A customer can have ...
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Journey - using updated data from Contact picks wrong info

I have a journey, where multiple contacts with same Subscriber Key enter the journey. Example: One customer can have multiple Orders. Each Order is a separate record in the Journey. At the pickup time,...
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Screen flow with an auto-launched subflow (which includes a "pause" element) - is it possible to avoid message "The flow interview is now waiting"?

I've done my best to summarize my question in the title, but it needs more detail to be understood, here I go: I have a screen flow where, after a certain number of screens, there is an auto-launched ...
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Is there is good way to send an email to a user after 5 minutes of inactivity on an Account?

An indeterminate number of images will be attached to Lead records. We have a requirement that 5 minutes after the last image is attached, the Lead owner should automatically receive an email. I've ...
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Skip the Wait element message "The flow interview is now waiting" in Flow

I used the wait element in my flow, it follows the screen where user adds some inputs including date/time and thats basically until when the flow is paused. My problem is that when I reach the wait ...
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In an unit test for an LWC, how can I prove an async chain is setting a value in a lightning-formatted-number?

I am trying to prove that the price is being set on the component. I have the following HTML: <template> <h1>Current price of a bitcoin in Euro</h1> <lightning-formatted-...
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Journey builder wait activity delay

In my journey, there is a wait by attribute. The wait interval is on ReviewDate (GMT Standard Time). But it leaves wait activity sometimes the next day, sometimes 2 days later, sometimes 5 days later. ...
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Send Throttling + Wait Activities in Automation Studio

I'm creating an automation that has user-initiated sends and wait activities. After the first user-initiated send at 9am, there is a wait activity for 24 hours, then another user-initiated send, then ...
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cmp.set() is blocking the UI to re-render, but no event is triggered

I'm having a big table filled with custom cell components and after changing a cell, the table gets re-rendered. dataChanged: function(cmp, evt, helper) { var table = cmp.get(""); ...
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Journey Builder first wait takes too long

I have a JB set up, it's quite straightforward. Just a few sends after a few wait periods. I need the first wait to be 1 minute (I need so I can do a client walkthrough/demostration). But sometimes (...
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Flow wait Element time frame

When I am using a wait element in a flow, what are some of the options I could use for the time frame? I don't see it clearly explained anywhere, but all the documentation seems to indicate waiting ...
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