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VS-Code SOQL Builder Text Editing Mode Dissappeared

There was a button that provides switching between builder mode and text editing mode of SOQL Builder. It has dissapeared somehow and I couldn't find the possible reason or any solution. Is there any ...
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ERROR running auth:sfdxurl:store: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'id')

How to Replicate: Running this command sfdx auth:sfdxurl:store -f ./SFDX_TMP_URL.txt -s -a integration to authenticate via sfdxAuthUrl. SFDX_TMP_URL.txt contains the sfdxAuthUrl value. Error: After ...
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Creating Scratch Org results in error

Created a scratch org in VSCode. Trying to push source to default scratch org results in the following errors: The global picklist cannot be resolved Global value set cannot be resolved In field: ...
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Visual Studio Code choosing a default Org

How do I choose a default org to connect to? I see a few but no option to choose which one? Thank you
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Should the .sfdx or any of its sub-folder and/or files be added to the .gitignore?

I'm not sure if the .sfdx folder needs to be tracked by the version control and be pushed to the repo? Can someone please give me some more insight into this folder and its content or even a reference ...
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