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Visual Studio Code is a cross-platform source code editor developed by Microsoft. This tag is for questions regarding the numerous Salesforce plugins that exist for it such as VsForce, ForceCode and MavensMate.

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Apex PMD: Problem: Validate CRUD permission before SOQL/DML operation

Background I am using the Apex PMD plugin for VS Code and it's giving me this problem: Validate CRUD permission before SOQL/DML operation For this line of code: insert contentVersion; Which is ...
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How do I get Apex code coverage statistics when using Salesforce DX & Visual Studio Code

I am using Salesforce DX & Visual Studio Code to develop against a sandbox environment. After running an Apex test from Visual Studio Code, how can I view the code coverage from within Visual ...
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Getting an Error on visual studio code

I am getting the below error on visual studio code The setting defined in VS Code settings points to a missing folder. For information on how to setup the ...
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How to use VSCode to find which reports are using a specific field

I have used Eclipse in the past but unfortunately, Eclipse and IDE no longer work for me. I have switched over to VSCode along with the Salesforce DX and forcecode extensions (among many ...
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Format APEX code Visual Studio code

Has anyone been able to find a formatting extension for Apex on visual studio code? And if so would they be able to share it?
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How to enable compile on save on Visual Studio with sfdx-vscode plugin?

How to enable or configure "Salesforce Extensions for VS Code" plugin on Visual studio code IDE to compile my Apex,Visualforce on the scratch org when I save the file locally. I have just started ...
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No code coverage information was found for test run 7070U00000r8Ny3. Set "salesforcedx-vscode-core.retrieve-test-code-coverage": true

In user setting.JSON I am using { "":"C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jdk1.8.0_131", "": true, "salesforcedx-...
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Lightning Web Component: A required metadata folder named "lwc" does not exist in this workspace

I am trying to perform this( with VS code and it is throwing ...
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View only DEBUG log entries in Visual Studio Code when using Salesforce DX

When using Visual Studio Code and Salesforce DX palette command: SFDX Get Apex debug logs... To get an Apex Log from the Salesforce servers, how can I then filter the output so I can only see the ...
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SFDX: Authorize an Org failed to run in VSCODE

SFDX: Authorize an Org failed to run in VS Code: I am tring to authorize an org on visual studio code but when I am trying authorize it, I am getting the below error. SFDX: Authorize an Org failed to ...
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Getting error while retrieving Source from Salesforce Org using VS Code and Salesforce Extension Pack

I am getting this error while trying to fetch(retrieve) source from VS Code and SF Extension Pack. STR : Right click on sfdx-project-json -> click on Retreiev Source from Org. The file is present ...
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DeployFailed: Deploy failed. Visual studio code - Deploy to source code failed - SFDX Lightning Component Trailblazer

I tried to do the trailhead module "Create a Hello World Lightning Web Component" and I followed all the steps but when I do deploy to source to org, it fails. The error which I get is: "DeployFailed: ...
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invalid element error for <runtimeNamespace>

I am getting an error in xml file while building LWC (want to use with vlocity component) in VS Code. Please help me to resolve this error. Here is the xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding=&...
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