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how to display visual force tab visible by Default

I was asked to show a visual force tab in the home page by default to a set of users. So I have created a permission set in which I have selected the visual force tab from the object settings and ...
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How can I navigate to a Visualforce tab from a link or component in Lightning Experience?

We have a seemingly simple need to create a hyperlink that will redirect users to a tab in our Lightning Experience site that is a Visualforce tab. Lightning Components have navigateTo() methods that ...
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How to differentiate whether the current user is in vf page tab view or detail page view?

I have handled the case creation process using a vf page and explored it as a vf tab. Now i want to have a validation that should throw an error message that if the current user is in vf tab view , it ...
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Customer Community URL stripped of Community Name

In my customer community I am using a web tab to display a VisualForce page that is a custom list view. I am using a web tab instead of a VisualForce tab because I am also passing through a parameter ...
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How to append new tab to the list of selected tabs for all users and apps?

I have a VisualForce tab that is included in my managed package. I have also created a Permission Set for the VisualForce tab that makes the tab visible and available. When I created the tab, the tab ...
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Quote Visualforce Tab

I would like to create a simple visualforce tab to show "all quotes". Here is the code: <apex:page standardController="Quote"> <apex:enhancedList type="Quote" height="700" rowsPerPage="50"...
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Visualforce Tab: how to edit the link (Content)

I want to edit the link for my visualforce tab. So i go to the Setup -> Create -> Tabs and click on the Edit next to my custom tab name. And i can change only the label? Basically i want to keep ...
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