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Account registration - verify business relationship

My customer wants their Experience Cloud users to have ability to self register, however, we need to connect them to the correct account or create account if account is validated. My original idea was ...
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Some questions on passwordless login functions

If there is any documentation for these questions please let me know but for the life of me I can't fine it. I created an lwc that implements passwordless login functions for email and I got it ...
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Verfication Email link from 'EmailToApexHandler' doesn't work

I have followed the steps outlined in the answer of how-to-leverage-org-wide-email-address-within-an-email-service to verify the Email Service Address generated by Salesforce. I'm attempting to verify ...
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ENS signature from header don't match with generated one

I've started messing up with the ENS, I set up everything and started receiving notifications. Now I'm writing logic for the notification signature verification and I can't get the signature to match ...
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2 answers

Cannot reset password for user

I try to reset the password more than 5 times for one email. After that, (for this user) this email box did not receive any reset emails from SF. Email box - Gmail. Where I can unlock this email for ...
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