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2 SFMC Business Units Connected to 1 Sales Cloud Org [duplicate]

We are exploring the possibility of having 2 separate business units in one Enterprise 2.0 SFMC account connected to 1 Sales Cloud org via the MCC connector. Is that possible? We don't have issues ...
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Marketing Cloud (Connect) Veeva

We want to use Marketing Cloud Connect to connect SFMC with Veeva (2 way connection). Our use case is following: Our consents are already coming to SFMC from our MDM that is already connected to ...
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Marketing Cloud integration with Veeva CRM

As I am new for the integration part so my query may very basic. We want to integrate the Marketing cloud and Veeva CRM so Marketing Cloud Connect will work as same like Salesforce or any other ...
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Test class execution in Veeva orgs

#badpracticealart The previous team on a project informed us that: It is a standard for production orgs (with Veeva installed) to have successful deployments where code coverage <75%. ...
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