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How to Implement an Org-Wide Maintenance Banner in Salesforce, Especially on Opportunity Pages?

I'm currently working on a project where I need to implement a "maintenance" banner/message across our Salesforce Org. The requirement is to have this banner prominently displayed, ...
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How to make search field larger for adding record in master detail relationship

we have a custom object called "Request". This has a master detail relationship with the opportunity object (we call it a grant and it is a record type on the opportunity object). When you ...
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How to fetch same inputField with different lables in VisualForce page?

I have an object "Details_Page__c" which has a lookup field "Next_Change__c" associated with it. The object is initialized in my controller class - Details_Page__c detailsPage = ...
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Add new Address field setting in Scratch Org definition file

I need to automatically check the new User Interface setting : Use custom address fields (Beta) upon creation of a Scratch Org. I am not sure what setting to add in the def.json file. The following ...
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Hyperlink is not showing in lightning in trigger code but working for Classic

Here I'm just written code for finding a duplicate record and displaying link through the hyperlink but it's working fine in the classic but lighting it showing directly code. Please just check images ...
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How to unsquish DataLoader UI

How to fix the squished UI for dataloader. See Image below. Machine specs: 4k res display, Windows, x64
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reRender problem In Visualforce page

I have one checkbox in an object I want to update that checkbox in visualforce page, I'm able to update that checkbox successfully using(command button) apex controller, but that problem here is I ...
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Problems with displaying strings in layouts

I added a section to a standard layout in which I entered several fields. I have a string field in which spaces can not be inserted and the value can be very long (255 characters) the layout brings ...
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Lightning Experience: Setting default value of "Record Owner" of Convert Lead page

When the Convert Lead page loads, I would like to have the Record Owner field emptied out or the current user's name filled in by default. How can I do this? I have read these solutions: https://...
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What is the use of Enable Separate Loading of Related Lists in user interface

What will happen in our salesforce account if we enable or disable an option called Enable Separate Loading of Related Lists in User Interface. I tried with many sites in google, but gives zero ...
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How to hide this side bar Collapsible arrow in Case Detail Page for specific Profile(Portal Users)

How to hide this side bar Collapsible arrow(i.e no sidebar) in Case Detail Page for specific Profile(Portal Users). We have an option Enable Collapsible Sidebar , Show Custom Sidebar Components on ...
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How to change Salesforce User Interface theme?

How can I change Salesforce User Interface theme? Specifically I want to change the value returned by the UserInfo.getUiTheme() method. There doesn't seem to be a corresponding field on the User ...
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Knowledge Article rich text field missing editing toolbar

Use case: Rich text field added to Knowledge Article Type Foo User (sysad) verifies Knowledge Article can be created. RTF tool bar present Sysad grants Permission Manage Articles to User Smedley ...
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Enable collapsible sections for partner users

I have "Enable Collapsible Sections" checked in the User Interface settings. However it currently only works for Users, not Partner Users. Is there a way to enable this for Partner Users too?
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Is there any way to refresh dashboards on load as of Spring 16 release?

Is there any way to refresh dynamic dashboards on page load anymore? We used to be able to put in JS that "clicked" the refresh button for our users but that appears to be defunct as of Spring '16.
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Custom subscription preference center interface

Looking for support or best practice developing custom subscriber preference & subscription centers for SFMC. I DON'T want a default SmartCapture form. The intention is for a Cloud Pages hosted ...
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Support: How to go straight to cases-list on a client org? How to clone cases?

Today I noticed a change in the Help&Training section. Last Friday (2015-10-23) it was more Aloha now it looks more Lightning. But... the clickpath to the cases list is very long and time ...
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Jquery not initialised after rerender

I'm build an Account drag and drop UI using Jquery. Here is the code <apex:page controller="AccountListViewController" > <apex:stylesheet value="//
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Using Polymer for Material Design in VisualForce Pages?

I am thinking of using Google's Polymer Library to provide Material Design in apps. Google Polymer Library I have a few questions?: Is it compatible with Salesforce? If yes, is there any running ...
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Hover Details on related lists

From what i found the salesforce hover details feature (pop up to show details of object on another objects layout)(User Interface > Enable Hover Details) does not work on related lists. It works ...
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How to change the theme colour in salesforce homepage?

Is it possible to change the the User Interface of home page header and sidebar according the the client requests? Can anyone help me to achieve this? Here is a screenshot of what I mean:
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Salesforce record detail page automatically jumping to the middle of the page

Was wondering if anyone knows what's behind this issue. Every time anyone in our org pulls up a record detail page, it will automatically navigate (scrolls down) to the middle of the record detail ...
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what is the difference b/w customer interface and user interface

Can any one let me know what is the difference b/w customer interface and user interface??one of our client has raised this question ,whether we can create a customer interface and application in ...
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Inline editing not working for some users

EDITED: After further tests, Inline editing isn't working for this user for any object. Although, the User Interface looks ok (actually - ALL CB's - but last three - are checked) Weird!! Inline ...
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