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Questions tagged [ui-inputselect]

Questions regarding the ui:inputSelect component. This component represents a drop-down list with options.

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Lightning component with the dropdown inputSelect

I am creating a lightning component with the dropdown which gets the value dynamically from the controller, which is basically the lightning component shows a dropdown with the list of Recordtype that ...
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Change height of ui:inputSelect

I am successfully using the following code to collect a user's multiple input selections. I don't like how the select box is a certain height regardless of the # of options displayed. I would like ...
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Cannot read property 'set' of undefined when List<String> return in ui:inputSelect

All I want to do is retrieve picklist options from a custom object and fetch the inputSelect element in a lighning controller. I am trying this way.. but I am getting an error.. If someone knows any ...
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Lightning picklist for an SObject-Field - which one to choose ui:inputSelect or lightning:select or force:inputField or lightning:input?

I need to decide which path to proceed: <ui:inputSelect /> <lightning:select /> <force:inputField /> <lightning:input /> (Beta) write my own component... Use case: ...
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